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Have Your Wisdom Teeth Removed

Why Might Wisdom Teeth Removal Be Needed

What is Wisdom Teeth Removal?

Wisdom teeth will typically begin to develop around the time a person reaches adulthood. Unfortunately, if there isn’t enough room for the teeth to come in properly, they become impacted underneath the gums. Impacted wisdom teeth will often become painful, infected and cause damage to surrounding teeth. It is best to have these molars removed as soon as it’s found that they’re a problem.

Why would removal of wisdom teeth be needed?

The main reason for needing wisdom tooth removal is because the third molars can become an issue if they’re impacted and left in place. Over time, the wisdom teeth can become severely infected, decayed and even push up against other teeth. This could cause damage to surrounding teeth as well as overcrowding. It is never too soon or too late to have these teeth removed fully.

Why Might Wisdom Teeth Removal Be Needed

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Who is a good candidate for Wisdom Teeth Removal?

The best way for us to determine if wisdom tooth removal is necessary is with a dental x-ray. The x-ray allows us to see if any teeth are impacted and if so, the best way to go about removing them. If you need your wisdom teeth to be removed, it is best to have the procedure done sooner rather than later. We will help to create a treatment plan according to the extractions you’ll need.

What happens during the wisdom tooth removal procedure?

The surgery begins with a consultation and examination. We take x-rays of your teeth and mouth to determine if wisdom tooth removal is necessary. We will then schedule you to come in for the procedure. We will administer sedative of your choice and then make an incision through the gums. We remove the underlying wisdom tooth and suture the gums closed. The process is repeated for any other wisdom teeth within the mouth that have to be removed. You can expect some pain and swelling for the first few days following oral surgery.

If you think you might need to have your wisdom teeth removed, call our office today and we will be happy to further assist you.

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Meet dr. Ganti

Dr. Ajay Ganti is a board-certified dual degree oral and maxillofacial surgeon who practices full scope oral and maxillofacial surgery.

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Dr. Ganti earned his Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) from Columbia University’s College of Dental Medicine.  He then matriculated into the Emory University School of Medicine, where he earned his Doctor of Medicine degree (MD). Dr. Ganti completed his surgical residency in Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery at Emory University Hospital, with advanced training in dentoalveolar surgery, dental implants, bone grafting, facial trauma, orthognathic surgery and reconstructive surgery. In addition, he completed a General Surgery internship within the Emory University Department of Surgery.

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