Morpheus8 for Acne

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Morpheus8 for Acne Scars in Wylie, TX

Acne scars can occur during puberty and extend into adulthood. Some people even obtain acne scars in their 20’s and 30’s. Many patients struggle to get rid of acne scars with other treatment options and have found that they do not tend to fade on their own. Microneedling has become a popular treatment and is a non-surgical and non-invasive procedure for the reduction or getting rid of acne scars, including boxcar, keloid, and ice pick scarring. Morpheus8 uses the latest micro-needling technology that penetrates deep into the skin to eliminate scarring.

Dr. Sindhu Sunkara Ganti uses the industry-leading Morpheus8 device to harness the success of micro-needling and combines this with the healing power of radiofrequency energy (RF).

Treat your acne scarring and uneven skin in the comfort of our cosmetic offices in Wylie, TX.

How Morpheus8 Treats Treats Acne Scars

Morpheus8 is an advanced radiofrequency (RF) fractional medical micro-needling treatment that helps build and smooth damaged, uneven skin. 

This is what you can expect during your Morpheus8 acne treatment:

  • Dr. Sindhu Sunkara Ganti will penetrate your skin with the Morpehus8 device and create subdermal micro-wounds.
  • Waves of RF energy are then sent out from the machine to enhance the healing process.
  • This combination of technology triggers a series of naturally occurring actions like the same kind of healing that takes place when experiencing a wound to your skin.
  • Your cells are regenerated quickly and begin to form new tissues, including collagen.

It’s normal to experience any of these sensations due to the RF heat energy that warms the deeper layer of your skin. The feelings should not be painful.

Now Introducing

Morpheus8 for Acne

For Non-surgical Lifting and Smoothing of the Skin

At North Texas Oral & Facial Surgery, we offer cosmetic treatment for acne and acne scarring reduction with MORPHEUS8 – a fractional skin treatment that stimulates collagen production of the underlying layers of the dermis. By targeting the deeper layers of the skin, tissues of the face and body can be remodeled to reveal a more radiant, youthful appearance. Call us today to schedule your consultation!

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Is Morpheus8 Acne Treatment Painful?

Before your Morpheus8 acne treatment in Wylie, TX, Dr. Sindhu Sunkara Ganti will apply a topical anesthetic cream to numb the area that requires treatment. This should help ease any discomfort for you. You may still be able to feel a pickling, warm sensation, which can last a few hours after your treatment. 

It’s normal to experience any of these sensations due to the RF heat energy that warms the deeper layer of your skin. The feelings should not be painful.

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How Long Do the Results From Morpheus8 for Acne Last?

Treatment for acne scars with Morpheus8 is permanent after about three to four treatments. The treatment will create other lasting changes in the condition of your skin, like smoothness and tightness, and you can expect these improvements to last up to 12 months.

How Effective is Morpheus8 for The Treatment of Acne?

Morpheus8 is a super effective treatment for acne scarring and all other types of scars. Morpheus8’s micro-needling treatment makes tiny abrasions in your skin to stimulate a wound healing response, encouraging your body to produce elastin and collagen. The result is new, regenerated, and healthy skin cells that look good esthetically. In the treament of scarring, Morpheus8 results are permanent.

How Long Is the Recovery Period After a Morpheus8 Acne Scar Treatment?

You may experience inflammation and minor redness, which can last a few days after treating acne scars with Morpheus8. Many patients at our office in Wylie, TX, prefer having treatment done on a Thursday or Friday so that they can heal over the weekend and return to work with a fresh face on Monday.

There is no clinical downtime after acne treatment with Morpheus8 as it is a non-surgical treatment. However, you may want to avoid social events while your skin improves.

Am I a Candidate for MORPHEUS8 Acne Treatment?

All healthy women and men are good candidates for treating acne scars with Morpeheus8. However, it is important to note that you will not be able to recieve Morpheus8 treatment if you are taking Isotretinoin (Accutane). You will need to discontinue use of this medicaton for six months piror to treatment. 

If you suffer from any of the following medical conditions you may  need to  avoid treatment with Morpheus8: 

  • History of psoriasis, eczema, and other chronic conditions
  • Keloid scars
  • A history of keratosis
  • A history of hemophilia
  • History of Herpes 
  • A history of diabetes
  • Warts on the treatment area
  • The presence of raised moles

Speak to our cosmetic doctor to find out if Morpheus8 treatment is right for you.

How Many Treatments Are Needed for Acne With Morpheus8?

For minor acne scarring, Dr. Sindhu Sunkara Ganti may recommend one to two treatment sessions with Morpheus8. Often patients require three to four treatments for desired results.

What Is the Cost of Morpheus8 for Acne in Wylie, TX?

You can expect to pay around $1,200 for the whole face, and a package of three treatments is typically a better value purchase at $3,000. For acne treatment of the forehead and cheeks, treatments starts at $600, for just the cheeks, $500, and for the forehead, $200. We offer other treatment options for the face as well, so if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to give us a call now.

Everyone deserves to feel confident in their skin – that is why we offer payment plans for Morpheus8 treatments! Payment plans will only be allocated for those purchasing relevant packages, so please give us a call to find out if you are eligible. Don’t forget that consultations are complimentary, so schedule yours today to learn more. 

We are currently running a limited-time discount for Morpheus8 cosmetic treatment! The discount is 20 to 25% off depending on the package purchased; give us a call now to learn more!

Does Morpheus8 for Acne Have Side Effects?

Morpheus8 treatment has minimal side effects, which is why it is a popular treatment. Generally patients feel and look like they have a slight sunburn. Most symptoms are very mild post-procedure and resolve within 24 to 72 hours. 

How Soon Will I See Results?

Morpheus8 results for smoother and firmer skin can be seen in as little as three days. The most noticeable results will appear after one month, depending on your skin type. You will continue to see improvement after all treatments have been completed as it takes collagen up to six months to form fully. For the best Morpehus8 results, Dr. Sindhu Sunkara Ganti recommends at least three treatments spaced out four to six weeks apart, although there is no limit to the number of treatments you can have overall. Skin-tightening results can last, on average, two to five years and treatment of acne scarring is permanent.

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Why Choose North Texas Oral & Facial Surgery?

  • We are a doctor owned and run practice offering local anesthesia and IV sedation to ensure at most comfort to our patients.
  • You can consult with Dr. Sindhu Ganti; who has a Ph.D. in pharmaceutical sciences and skin delivery systems with publications on lasers and microneedling.
  • Sedation will be performed and supervised by Dr. Ajay Ganti; who has an MD and DDS with additional training in anesthesia.
  • We are the only practice that owns and administers the Morpheus8 -Microneedling RF technology for non-surgical facelifts and body contouring in Wylie, Murphy, Sachse, Allen, Parker, Garland, Lavone, and beyond!
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Morpheus8 Post-Treatment Care Instructions

• Ice packs or cold wet towels can be used on the cool treated areas.
• Keep skin moisturized with Aquaphor only, 3-4 times a day at least and as required for 48 hours. Use Cerave if acne prone.
• Stay away from direct sun or tanning for 3 days.
• Do not apply makeup for 3 days post treatment until pores close.
• Do not apply any face tanners, cleansers, solutions, lotions, gels, or creams until pores close (3 days).
• You can wash your face and shower but do not use scrubs or abrasive soaps. Gently pat to dry.
• Use 30-50 SPF sunscreen.
• Next round of treatment can be scheduled 3-5 weeks out based on healing.
• Do not use ibuprofen or NSAID’s post and prior treatment to allow natural wound healing cascade.
• For maximum results wait up to 3-6 months.
• Treated body area can be itchy for up 2 weeks post treatment. Recommended to use aloe vera and/ Sarna (anti-itch lotion).
• Use oral Benadryl at night if unable to sleep due to itchiness or discomfort in treated area and Zyrtec during the day.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at 469-423-9789.