How Does Online Payment Work?

Click on the link below to open the ONLINE PAYMENT PORTAL

Once in the PAYMENT PORTAL please enter your full first and last name as they appear on your most recent statement along with your date of birth.

Enter the amount you would like to pay along with a note which can simply be your account number.

Then click on the Make a Payment link and enter your card information. If you have any questions about this process please give our office a call and we would be happy to assist you!

Tooth Removal

Why do I need my tooth removed?

Teeth are removed (or extracted) due to a variety of reasons-decay, infection, not aligned properly within the mouth, or teeth are impacted. The removal of a single tooth can affect one’s ability to chew and may lead to shifting of your other teeth, which in the future can lead to issues with your dental health. Dr. Ganti will explain the reason your tooth is recommended for removal and provide options to replace the tooth

What happens during the Tooth Extraction process?

Dr. Ganti will first anesthetize (numb) the area of the tooth, gums and jaw bone, in order to eliminate the transference of pain. During the process of removing the tooth, you will feel intense pressure as the tooth is manipulated back and forth to widen the socket for removal. The anesthetic targets the pain sensors of the tooth but it does not profoundly eliminate the pressure sensation. If at any time you still feel pain or discomfort, please let us know.

What Is A Tooth Extraction

Sectioning a Tooth

This a very common technique used to remove teeth that are firmly anchored into the socket or the tooth roots are curved so removal of tooth by widening of the socket isn’t possible. Sectioning a tooth involves cutting the tooth into separate portions, then each portion is removed.