One of the challenges medical professionals are faced with today is how to provide effective pain relief to their patients without exposing them to the risks associated with prescribed opioid medications. Fortunately, there are excellent alternatives to opioids, including an innovative and proven pain management medication called Exparel®.

Exparel is a single dose local anesthetic that we use in our office. Rather than using other, more invasive pain relievers, Exparel works effectively to block nerve receptors from feeling pain up 96 hours after surgery. This can make your aftercare from oral surgery a lot more comfortable and relaxed. 

patient at a dentistry in Wylie, TX, getting oral surgery and tooth removal treatment
Why Would Exparel Be Needed

How Does It Work?

During surgery, your surgeon will administer Exparel directly to the area of your surgery. The medication will begin to numb the pain while you are still in surgery, with a slow release of bupivacaine, an opioid-free local anesthetic. Exparel will continue to work after your procedure, providing strong pain relief post-operatively with that single dose. Exparel will continue to work for your pain relief several days into your recovery period, often eliminating the need for any post-operative prescription pain medications.

By choosing Exparel for your surgical procedure, you can experience long-lasting pain control and reduce the need for opioid medication after your oral surgery.