Inlays and Onlays

What are Inlays and Onlays?

An inlay or onlay is a type of restoration that is designed to completely enhance your smile. Inlays sit inside the cusps and grooves of a tooth while the onlay sits over the top of the tooth. These restorations are most often used when a tooth has become damaged or compromised, but when the damage isn’t severe enough to warrant a full dental crown. Most inlays and onlays can last for decades without needing full replacement.

Why would Inlays and Onlays be needed?

The reason you might need an inlay or onlay is because a tooth cracked or broke at the very top or across the crown’s surface. You might have a large area of decay or have an older filling that needs to be replaced. Because of how durable and long-lasting these restorations are, it’s not uncommon for some of our patients to request them in place of fillings. They are made to look like your natural teeth, so they can help to improve the appearance of your smile.

What Are Inlays And Onlays
Why Would Inlays And Onlays Be Needed

Who is a candidate for Inlays and Onlays?

To determine if you might need an inlay or an onlay, we will perform a complete examination. The exam allows us to see if a tooth is damaged or compromised and would benefit from this type of restoration. If you have an older inlay or onlay, we might recommend replacing it as it shows signs of wear or damage. With the proper care, you can expect your new restoration to last for decades.

What happens during the procedure for Inlays and Onlays?

We start by removing old filling material or decay from the tooth. If there is a crack or break in the tooth, it’s smoothed before impressions are taken. These detailed molds of your gums and teeth allow us to create your new inlay or onlay. You will have the restoration placed at a second appointment. We adjust how the inlay or onlay fits before you leave the office. You can brush and floss around the new restoration as you would your natural teeth.

If you would like to come into our office for either an inlay or an onlay, call us today so that we can get you in for a convenient appointment.