Root Canals

What are Root Canals?

A root canal is a procedure that removes the inner pulp of a damaged or infected tooth. When this pulp becomes infected by decayed or exposed through a break or crack in the tooth, it can cause a significant amount of pain as well as sensitivity. In order to eliminate the pain without removing the tooth, a root canal can be performed. Root canals are one of the most commonly performed dental procedures around the world.

Why might Root Canals be needed?

Most often, root canals are performed because decay has been able to reach the inner pulp of a tooth. This is often caused when a cavity goes ignored or unnoticed for a long period of time. You might need a root canal if you’ve broken a tooth enough to expose the inside pulp. Most patients will experience pain when needing a root canal, so the procedure is necessary when it comes to eradicating this discomfort.

What Are Root Canals
Why Might Root Canals Be Needed

Who is a candidate for Root Canals?

The best way for us to tell if a tooth needs to be root canaled is with an exam and x-ray. The x-ray allows us to see if the pulp has been damaged or compromised in any way. We recommend that if you need a root canal, you come in to have the procedure done as soon as possible. This will prevent the pain from getting worse and can even prevent an abscess or infection.

What happens during the Root Canal process?

The root canal procedure begins with a local anesthetic to numb an area within the mouth. Using a rubber dental dam, we isolate the tooth and keep it protected from bacteria. We use special tools to remove decay from the tooth as well as the inner pulp. Remaining pulp matter will be removed from the canals of the roots before filling them with a medicated material. The rubber dam is removed and we will close off the tooth with a normal filling.

If you would like to learn more about how a root canal is performed, call us today so that one of our friendly team members can answer all of your questions.